Just as old ideas don’t fly…. neither does old knowledge !

Composer Advantage is not intended to replace source code as the programmers only “go to” reference,  but it will provide a broader view of information that is more understandable by both technical and business team members. You get clarity and understanding of your “AS IS” legacy systems, provide answers real-time to improve application maintenance and help determine and manage modernization.

Discovery  is a series of software utilities that analyze and collect information about mainframe sources for processing. It is the first step in creating the knowledge base ( KB). ​

Automated Documentation generates visual representations of the application including flow charts, connectivity diagrams, data and system flows, condition tables, business rules, complexity ratings, and business logic…on demand. The ability to visually understand and preserve programmer and business user  knowledge increases the productivity of the programmer and business analyst, reduces maintenance time and costs and must be the first step of the modernization process. ​

Business Rule Extraction programmatically extracts relevant business logic and reformats this logic into business rules which are stored in the KB. The Business Rule functionality enables users to increase the business rule understanding by adding meaningful English Knowledge Notes at the application, program and business rule level, map them to policies or other functions and attach associated Word, Excel and PDF documents. ​

Procurement Library (PL) provides departments, organizations, etc. the ability to share existing application knowledge, contained in the KB with RFP vendors, 24/7 worldwide.


  • Enhanced Knowledge Base (KB) provides application knowledge to non technical users.
  • Deeper overall application understanding improves analysis & requirements phase of technology transformation
  • Supports States PAL and new Agile approach
  • Increased Programmer productivity
  • Better estimates for proposed application changes using the Impact Analysis feature
  • Faster implementation of Change Requests
  • Preservation of Programmer knowledge
  • Enables organization to map policies, categories, reports and functions at the rule level
  • Provides deep application understanding of business rules improving the analysis & requirements phase
  • Provides RFP Vendors with detailed information reducing project estimates
  • Minimizes incumbent Vendor application knowledge advantage
  • Enables rule export to Business Rules Engines (BRE)